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Art Prompt – Whimsical Girl

I’m in a Facebook art group, one of many, called @NextJenerationArt hosted by an amazing artist named Jenny Manno.

This particular art prompt whimsical girl was given by a guess artist by the name of  Patricia Saume Mazzei (You can find her on Facebook and checkout her amazing artwork).

This art prompt was so much FUN! I chose to pink and green because it’s one of my favorites color combos! Of course, I love the natural, textured hair too!

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Live Love Laugh Relax Illustration Practice

I so desperately want to learn how to create digital illustrations. I was given an older iPad from one of my sisters. I was so excited because I thought I would be able to learn digital illustration by also learning how to use Procreate!

Unfortunately, my iPad does not support Procreate; however, I was able to find a software (Sketches Pro) that I could learn digital art. This was something I created yesterday from that software. It’s by NO means perfect; it’s wonky and quirky and I actually love it!! lol

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Color Pencil Portrait

I decided to draw a color pencil portrait using Prismacolor Color Pencils and watercolor. Unfortunately, I used a cheap so-called sketchbook I bought from Walgreens. Although the cover stated it’s a sketchbook, it really is nothing more than copy paper bound with coil!

It did not do well, of course, with watercolor and the paper started to wrinkle and I totally disliked the way the color pencil lay on the paper and the blending was not that great either. However, I still like the way she came out and it was good practice anyway! Lol