Spring Ready

Spring Ready

This my 2nd try at using a medium that I had not previously used before. I am figuring out and testing various African American/Black skin tones using Crayola Oil Pastels. This entire portrait is made using Crayola Oil Pastels except the top; I used Prismacolor Color Pencil for that.

This time around, I achieved a much smoother skin tone than the first, which is on this documented on an earlier post, displaying the Crayola Oil Pastel box like the one above. There’s an extremely ugly stage (Lol) that happens prior to getting it to look like it does right now.

I almost gave up working on this portrait because it looked like the blend and combo of colors were not working; however, I just kept on blending and adding more color here and there and the end result is pretty astonishing to me for such an inexpensive product.

They are easy for anyone to use! You don’t have to be an artist to use and the colors are so nice and vibrant too! The biggest problem I experienced while using this product is when it came to laying the colors. It seems using 2-3 colors is the sweet spot; however, if you need to more than 3 layers, it becomes more difficult to blend them together.

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