Self-Portrait Practice

Self-Portrait Practice

Although I LOVE drawing whimsical faces/art, I work at purposely stretching myself to attempt drawing ‘realistic’ faces. They are not easy at all; sometimes it’s fun to me and other times it’s the most frustrating experience!

The photo below is a photo of myself a few years ago which is my reference for the above. Clearly, I missed the mark for drawing exactly what I was seeing! LOL

Something happens, almost 100% of the time, when I’m trying to work from a ‘realistic’ photo. I seem to slip off into a flow that I forget about the photo reference and I start doing whatever is flowing through my mind. My drawing comes out totally different from what I started off with and almost always I LOVE the outcome!

I used to get really angry when this happened; however, I realize this is how I flow naturally during my creative process. I find I do so much better when I intuitively create art. I’ve learn to accept this and really enjoy and be thankful for it. It’s uniquely who I am as an emerging artist.

So, even though my self-portrait practice attempt doesn’t look like me, I am pleased with the beauty who wanted to be born and her beautiful smile!

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