Art Journaling: Self-Care and Creativity

I love to simply allow my creativity to flow and I follow it most of the time! This beautiful woman spontaneously appeared onto my sketchbook. I love flowers but not good at so I make myself what I called whimsical flowers.

When’s the last time you allow yourself to create something for just the pure joy of engaging in it? I challenge you to take some time at least once a week to do something creatively spontaneous, not worry or caring about the end result or product! Allow yourself to take some “me” or a “self-care” playdate with YOU!

Draw something/anything! Paint something/anything! Write a poem and record yourself reciting it with soft, calming music in the background and share it to encourage/bless someone else! Sing at loud and dance too, if you can, like no one’s watching you! This a Creative Playdate with an audience of ONE — YOU!

Sharing is Caring

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