A Heart Of Thanksgiving: A 30-Day Personal Reflection Journal

A Heart Of Thanksgiving: A 30-Day Personal Reflection Journal


“A Heart of Thanksgiving” is a 30-Day Personal Reflection Journal. Nothing opens doors for the blessings of God than a heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving no matter what challenges one faces. The saying, “When praises go up, blessings come down” is pretty accurate.

Sometimes life is happening and we go on ahead with trying to faces the many challenges life brings our way and we often forget the good things we have been blessed with. The best way to help us remember what God has already done for us is recording those times in a gratitude journal.

Just like reading an inspirational book makes up feel a sense of hope and happiness, reading our own book of good memories/inspirational stories of our own lives, can be just the thing we need to increase our faith that God will do it again for us.

“A Heart Of Thanksgiving” journal has 30 Bible verses about the blessing of giving thanksgiving at all times and there are pages to right out what you are thankful for in your life. Write about what God’s done for you; write about people you’re thankful for; write opportunities you’ve been given; write about the places and things you’re thankful for.

You can also use this journal to write out prayers based on the Bible verses at the bottom of every page. There are extras page (“Notes”) for whatever you choose to write about or even doodle on.



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