Abstract Fashion Girls 2

I am teaching myself a little graphic design using a free online tool called Pixlr at www.pixlr.com so I can be able to color my abstract fashion girls and other artwork.

The above is my own drawing and what I do is back a transparent background of my drawing on Pixlr or my on my MacBook Pro. I upload the drawing to Pixlr if I used my laptop.

I then basically just color in the image the colors that I want. There’s so much I don’t know. For instance, I’m not sure how to use the layering tool so I than can clean up the outline of the drawing; it look pretty bad.

Even though this image of my original drawing is not that good, I am having so much fun learning and what I have achieved so far! It’s such an amazing feeling to see my abstract fashion girls come to life once the colors are added.

I plan to work hard at learning how to color my own drawings using this and other platforms; when I get really good at it, I plan to create a course and teach others!


I just wanted to share something very personal here. My journey toward self-love and self-acceptance has been a LONG journey recovering from childhood abuse of every kind.

I’m finally learning to really LOVE myself flaws and all! There are good days and not so good days; however, my better days outweigh the not so good ones.

I turned 62 on May 18th and 5 days later I decided I NEEDed change with my hair! I was tired of the braids, and so in a spontaneous moment, I decided to cut it all off!
I became the canvas and the ARTwork was/is ME! and I held the paint brush (scissors) and I could do whatever I chose to do with it and I did.

You guys I cannot tell you how AMAZING I felt when I made that first cut on my hair. Surprisingly, I felt as if a tone of weight was lifted off my entire body; this is the only way I can explain it.

I had drawn a girl’s face with short hair a couple days BEFORE I cut my hair. I had just put into a book and it fell out last night. 

As I looked at it, I decided to use an ink pen over the pencil and decided to use ink for her hair! Isn’t that wild? I NEVER use ink pen for any of my girls…EVER because you can’t erase the mistakes! 

Then I wrote a few words around her; I realized she represented me when I realized I drew her with very short hair. My identity is so much more than my hair or body for that matter! Lol

My LIFE is my canvas and I can choose to paint whatever I want that brings me joy, purpose, happiness, fulfillment, adventure, and fun, and meaningful relationships!
I share this in the hopes that it will encourage someone else who may have the same struggles. Thanks for reading.

Whimsical Fashion Illustration

Back in my younger years, I used to want to be a fashion designer and even started a school, but I ended up dropping out!

I don’t want to be that anymore; however, I just still LOVE fashion illustration. So, I decided I’m going to dedicated some real time to learn how to become better at drawing them.

I tried doing another one after doing our guest prompt last week. I just didn’t know how to go about drawing the angle of her hand with her thumb hanging out of the pocket, and I didn’t know how draw the belt at all. LOL

This is my whimsical version of the reference photo above I torn out of a magazine. Totally 100% FUN!!!

Sketch – I Am Becoming

I did this sketch about a week ago. After finishing it and kinda staring at it, the following words came into my mind “I’m at peace with who I am becoming!

Those words definitely resonated with me since I’ve been on a personal emotional healing journey where I’m finally learning how to LOVE and ACCEPT my SELF, along with the good, bad, and the ugly sides of me.

I learning how to become more aware of the stories (lies) that I’ve been telling myself and still tell myself and changing and interrupting those thoughts with words of truth.

God is helping me to heal and get out of my own way! I’m truly enjoying the FREEDOM of just enjoying who I really am and who I am becoming.

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