Learning How to Use Procreate to Create Digital Art

I was blessed with a new iPad by one of my sons a few weeks ago. My sister had given me an old iPad that she had but the problem was it was incompatible with the art app that I wanted to learn how to use! Yes, you guest correctly if you thought of Procreate. So, I’m working to teach myself how to take my original artwork so I can create digital artwork to use on my print on-demand products and also for licensing my artwork, hopefully latter this year.

I created this yesterday while at the laundromat. She still needs a lot of work! My hands just seem so clumsy to this left-hander and I often have trouble controlling the movement of my hands, which often frustrates me. I keep going and I absolutely the whole process and the end result when the art piece finally comes together where I actually like or love it and especially is I can use it on my products I want to create and sell! Lol

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