I Am Becoming

I Am Becoming

I just finished this project. My inspiration is from a photo I found on Unsplash, a royalty free photo site online in the comments.
The caption just kinda bubbled up out of me and captures a personal journey that I’ve going through for some time now.
I feel led to say this…NEVER EVER feel ashamed of your emotional and self-esteem challenges. Be willing to do the personal work necessary and if that means seeking a professional counselor, then do so! I highly recommend it.
I had to do for myself because I couldn’t handle the pain any longer on my own. Those couple of months helped me a lot. I decided I didn’t need it anymore…for now anyway!
Going through new transitions in life after 60 and old stuff that’s unresolved can take a toll emotionally. Understand that part of self-care is also taking care of your mental health, which a lot of people neglect, which ultimately leads to deep depression oftentimes leading to suicidal thoughts.
Pay attention to the people around you and let people know that you love them and care about them especially the older people in your life.
I don’t know who this word is for; I had NO intention on writing this; however, when I get the leading to share something, I follow it. It’s how God works through me!

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