How to Make An Easy Abstract Acrylic Painting

Here’s a really quick and easy acrylic pour painting technique.

Materials Needed:

1. Canvas (8×10 or 9×12 or smaller for this technique I think is best)

2. Acrylic Paint

3. Aluminum Foil

4. Newspaper or an old towel to protect your working surface

5. Paint brush (Only for covering the sides, if you have a wrapped stretched canvas. Flat canvas panel does not have any sides to be painted.

Here’s My Process Pictorial:

Step 1: Select the colors of your choice. Then tear off a piece of aluminum foil a few inches longer than your canvas size.Next, cover the surface of the foil with all the colors of acrylic paint you havechosen in any direction you want to! Have FUN just pour the paint onto the surface.

After you have done that’s done, you want to place your canvas face down on top of the paint. DO NOT squash it around; instead, rubbed your hand over the inside of the canvas, making sure your rub all around the edges, sides, and middle.

Imagine getting the paint to cover the front of the canvas, without you moving the canvas round. If you do that you may cause the painting to come out too muddy looking by mixing the paints together.

Lastly, once you sense and feel, with your hands, that the paint has fully covered the front of the canvas, gently lift if off the paint on top of the aluminum foil, without rubbing or smearing with your hands.

I forgot to take a picture of my paint I poured on the surface of the foil. I ended up using the leftover paint onto 2 pieces of sketch to use for another project as background pieces
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