I, Yvonne Carson, first discovered I could draw cartoons quite by accident when I was in junior high school. I was so excited and was hooked on drawing and had even aspired to one day illustrate and write children’s books!

As time went on and life happened, I didn’t draw for many years! As an adult, I still loved drawing cartoons but became increasingly fixated with drawing faces. I always wanted to learn how to draw “real” people faces, but they would always turn out to look cartoonish. Once again, life happened; I lost interest in drawing and would only draw a face now and then.

I always loved music and singing, and much later in my life, I decided to take vocal lessons to develop my talent for singing; I ended getting vocal training for 5 years! Beside drawing, singing was my ultimate happy place. I was excelling in it and writing original songs and going out of auditions. I was having the time of my life! A childhood dream was coming true for me; so I thought. A traumatic personal turn of events took over my life, and I suddenly stop singing and pursuing my secret dream of becoming a professional gospel singer!

Fast forward to many years later, in 2016, I heard God speak to me and he told me that I was an artist! I agreed because it felt totally true for me! There was an explosion of creativity that ignited in my spirit and soul and I’ve been drawing almost every single day since that time!

I LOVE creating/making things using my hands from cloth dolls, crochet dolls to making something on the sewing machine; however, my biggest passion drawing whimsical faces, flowers, doodles, and abstract. I LOVE lots of bright colors and various mediums and mixed media art, and art journaling.

I don’t put my art in any one category; I pretty much draw whatever I come out of me. I would say that I’m a prophetic or intuitive artist. I rarely approach drawing or painting with an already thought out theme/subject or idea or plan, and I seem to get into a flow that I cannot explain. The times that I’ve tried to work from references, I quickly slip into my own flow and creative zone, which makes art-ing so much FUN for me! I never know was going to emerge, and that’s the most exciting part of doing art for me!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my artwork; I hope you like it and will visit me often. I plan on trying to record DIY and process videos; however, it will be a learning curve for me since I’ve NEVER recorded myself doing art of any sort. This is going to be interesting to say the least! ?

Some Interesting Facts About Yvonne Carson:

  1. Master Of Divinity Degree
  2. Master of Arts in Christian Counseling-Marriage & Family Therapy
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Community and Human Services-Child and Family Studies
  4. Ordained Minister
  5. Crocheter and a little Knitting
  6. Took vocal lessons for 5 years back in the day! (Lol) and wrote songs
  7. Served as a counselor for Domestic Violence Intervention Services in Tulsa, OK
  8. Sang in church choirs
  9. Sews
  10. Tech Savvy
  11. God told her she’s an artist three years ago when she turn 60!
  12. Introvert
  13. Loves creating art on her iPad and Adobe Illustrator
  14. Mother at 15
  15. Grandmother of 9