Welcome to my Home Online!

I struggled what to name my blog and decided (for now) to use my own name. Ha! How’s that for originality? (Lol) I think of my website as my online home; just like with any home, there are several rooms each serving a different purpose.

You’re invited to come in and explore this various rooms. You’ll find a room where we just hang out and talk; have conversations about an array of topics in the Blog Room. You can experience parts of who I am when you visit my Arts and Crafts Room, Writing Room, and my Devotional/Prayer Room. 

I share my artwork, crafts, writings, and I’m also gearing up to even demonstrate some DIY projects too! Disclaimer: I’ve NEVER done “live” videos or “recorded” ones…This is going to be interesting and fun, I hope! 

I would LOVE for you all to visit the Guest Room. This is where I invite you to share with me and the other guests who come to visit, an opportunity to becoming a guest blogger where you can write something in keeping with the spirit of my blog that we all can learn and benefit from reading; I give other crafters, artists, an opportunity to share their art process of making art, journals, DIY.

 There’s even Testimonial Room where you can leave your positive experience here at yvonnecarson.com to encourage others to come and enjoy the community to learn, love, laugh, grow and share together, support each other, and have FUN through creative expressions whatever medium  that may come in.

Welcome! I so glad you here and for stopping by; please don’t a stranger and bring some of your awesome friends and family along with you next time to stop my home!


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