Acrylic Portrait Practice

I did this last night. This is my attempt with the acrylic portrait Tuesday’s tutorial with Jenny Manno of Next JENeration Art a private FB group.

I think I was doing open at the beginning, but somehow I started losing it! LOL…BUT…I kept going anyway!

I actually enjoyed the learning process! I haven’t used acrylic for a very long time. I was learning and have several acrylic paintings I did a large canvases, which are in storage right now.

I’ve always loved using that medium but found myself frustrated because I didn’t know how to do certain things and felt I sucked at it.

However, you explained and demonstrated the laying process of acrylic and that was the BIG missing piece for me! Now, I simply have to practice a lot more so I don’t suck at anymore! 🤣

I’m showing my progress photos from finished piece to the initial. That UGLY stage in art makes you want to give up on the piece you’re working on; however, you have to press very hard through it and ignore the negative chatter going on at the same time! Lol

Watercolor Portrait Practice

I taking a class on watercoloring portraits on Skillshare and the is my practice piece from that class. I drew this face freehand and realized too late that I made her neck too wide! She looks like she’s got a football player’s big neck! LOL…

I have to be sure to check my proportions BEFORE adding paint of any kind! Lol

100 Day Project Of Learning Challenge 7

The learning project I choice for myself is watercolor portraits for 100 days! 
It’s been a challenge to for some reason to do it daily; however, I’m going keep on pushing along. I do see a little progress from when I did the first one or two.
I did the loose sketch a couple days ago and watercolored it last night.

Art Prompt-Jenny Manno

Here’s my rendition of Jenny Manno’s prompt (Next JENeration Art) for this week’s prompt! I tried my best with the hair and just couldn’t quite get it like hers; however, I’m okay with it! It was hard, long, and tedious, but I have to say it was worth it!
I’m proud with how she came out. I honestly didn’t think I could do it! I have no idea how long this took because I forgot to check the time; it seem like a really long time! LOL
I used Arteza color pencils for the skin tone and the rest I used Prismacolor Color Pencils.
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