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Watercolor Portrait Practice

I taking a class on watercoloring portraits on Skillshare and the is my practice piece from that class. I drew this face freehand and realized too late that I made her neck too wide! She looks like she’s got a football player’s big neck! LOL…

I have to be sure to check my proportions BEFORE adding paint of any kind! Lol

100 Day Project Of Learning Challenge 7

The learning project I choice for myself is watercolor portraits for 100 days! 
It’s been a challenge to for some reason to do it daily; however, I’m going keep on pushing along. I do see a little progress from when I did the first one or two.
I did the loose sketch a couple days ago and watercolored it last night.

Art Prompt-Jenny Manno

Here’s my rendition of Jenny Manno’s prompt (Next JENeration Art) for this week’s prompt! I tried my best with the hair and just couldn’t quite get it like hers; however, I’m okay with it! It was hard, long, and tedious, but I have to say it was worth it!
I’m proud with how she came out. I honestly didn’t think I could do it! I have no idea how long this took because I forgot to check the time; it seem like a really long time! LOL
I used Arteza color pencils for the skin tone and the rest I used Prismacolor Color Pencils.

100 Day Project Of Learning Challenge #1

I am participating in a 100 Day Project Of Learning Challenge. It’s not about perfection but about learning something and practicing it for 100 days. You get to choose the subject matter and medium you want to learn.

The person who started an artist name Shelly Hitz @yourcreativeadventure on Facebook and Instagram.

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