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Abstract Fashion Girls 2

I am teaching myself a little graphic design using a free online tool called Pixlr at so I can be able to color my abstract fashion girls and other artwork.

The above is my own drawing and what I do is back a transparent background of my drawing on Pixlr or my on my MacBook Pro. I upload the drawing to Pixlr if I used my laptop.

I then basically just color in the image the colors that I want. There’s so much I don’t know. For instance, I’m not sure how to use the layering tool so I than can clean up the outline of the drawing; it look pretty bad.

Even though this image of my original drawing is not that good, I am having so much fun learning and what I have achieved so far! It’s such an amazing feeling to see my abstract fashion girls come to life once the colors are added.

I plan to work hard at learning how to color my own drawings using this and other platforms; when I get really good at it, I plan to create a course and teach others!

Mystical Mashup Monday Challenge

In two art groups I’m in on Facebook, we were given two photos (we could add others if we wanted to) and come up with our own creation. One of the photos was a fairy and dragon and a third was added and it was a fantasy warrior woman.

I chose a couple of images from a royalty-free site called Pixabay. These are my two mystical mashup Monday results!

I decided to create two different characters. The first drawing was colored using Prismacolor Color Pencils on 11×14 sketch paper, and the other one I colored playing around with an online free photo editing tool called Pixlr, which I am teaching myself.

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