Category: Semi-Realism

Graphite Drawing Practice

This is my first drawing today in my sketchbook. I decided to use one of my own drawings to try and improve on it. I decided I just wanted to use pencil, not coloring at all.
I tried to stay focus on the lines instead fo the whole image, which I do most of the when I use a reference photo and then I get so frustrated.
However, I noticed when stayed focus on the lines, I did a whole lot better. I try and remember this in future drawing practices when using references.
I really like this version better but love them both! Lol

Portrait Practice on Cardboard Box

I have be practicing drawing portraits on empty cold cereal cardboard boxes since last week. I’ve completed about 10-12 so far. I have about 12 boxes left to use; once I’m finished, I will share a complete compilation of all of them! I’m calling this project “The Cardboard Box Portrait Collection.” I know pretty original huh?!! LOL..Don’t just me okay! That’s all I could come with for now! 😉
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