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African American Coloring Book

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23 One-Of-A-Kind Original Coloring Pages, Quotes And Journal Pages!

Everyone needs inspiration and encouragement from time to time especially in these difficult times we’re living in due to Covid-19. The stress and depression levels are understandably high from isolation, fear, uncertainty, unemployment, financial difficulties, and loneliness.I created this adult positive quotes journal coloring book as my way to help encourage you and reintroduce creativity and color into your life to help alleviate some to the stress and worry through positive quotes, coloring, and journaling.

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How to Draw A WhimscialFace On A White T-Shirt For Beginners

I was folding my clothes after I did laundry yesterday, and when I was folding my undershirt, I suddenly had a random thought…Draw a face on one of them! 🤣

After I was finished, I started to sketch lightly using a mechanical pencil. I started with her eyes, which I NEVER do! and added all the other features then the rest followed!

I have to say that I’m glad I followed that creative spark,because I’m so happy at how she turned out especially since it was freehand!

I used black and brown acrylic paint and a black Sharpie and white Gildan t-shirt.

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Graphite Portrait Practice – Sister’s Keeper

I am an artist who LOVES color…bright colors…But…there’s times I don’t feel like adding color to my drawings!

I was introduced to graphite/pencil drawing from Jenny Manno who happens to be extremely amazing at it! I honestly had NO idea just how much great art could be create with just a simple tool…a pencil…a graphite pencil, an eraser, and a blending stump! You can actually create amazing art using a regular pencil and save tons of money on art supplies! Lol

These are my graphite portrait practice drawings I did probably 2-3 weeks ago! It started out with me just doodling, making circles. Next then you know, I started turning those circles into faces! I am so happy with how these graphite portraits turned out especially since they were not planned!

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Art Prompt – Whimsical Girl

I’m in a Facebook art group, one of many, called @NextJenerationArt hosted by an amazing artist named Jenny Manno.

This particular art prompt whimsical girl was given by a guess artist by the name of  Patricia Saume Mazzei (You can find her on Facebook and checkout her amazing artwork).

This art prompt was so much FUN! I chose to pink and green because it’s one of my favorites color combos! Of course, I love the natural, textured hair too!

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Whimsical Big Afro American Girl

I long whimsical faces and exaggerated, long necks. I created the whimsical African American girl spontaneously; I didn’t plan her at all. In addition to loving this whimsical African American girl’s long neck, I LOVE the big, natural hairstyle too!

This was so much FUN creating her! I just used Sharpies throughout including using a black Sharpie for her hair.

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Graphite Portrait

I continue to learn and practice working with regular pencil/graphite. This graphite portrait I did was challenging. She looks entirely different from what I originally created.

I ended up erasing the hairstyle I had and giving her a short Afro instead and changed her facial features as well. I am totally happy with how she turned out with the flaws and all!