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Acrylic Pour For Beginners Step By Step

I tried a technique I saw the other day on YouTube. I cut an empty water bottle and used the bottom of it to use in this acrylic pour demonstration. I like the way it turn out. The most interesting thing about this pour is the on red speck; I actually used quite a bit of red, yet only the small amount you see made its way through all the other paints! Lol…Pretty huh?

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Whimsical Art: Princess Simran

I have been playing Adobe Illustrator teaching myself how to turn some of my sketches into digital illustrations.. This one of my projects!

I really like how it came out even though there’s a lot of improvement that can still be done on it. I recently asked my fan followers to help me give her a name and the winner would receive a free 12×16 poster of her.

One of the participants submitted the name Princess Simran. She went on to explain the meaning of the name Simran; it means princess/love of life. I immediately liked the name; however, the meaning of it resonated with me and I felt the names and it’s meaning was quite fitting for my art piece.

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Making Abstract African Queen Painting

I LOVE abstract art! Why? I love because I end up seeing things that you can see initially! That this background that I created last week for instance. When I first created this background I was doing it intuitively…I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it.

There was no ‘real’ reason I chose the colors that I did either! The following day, I across it while flipping through my art journal, and as soon as my eyes made contact with the page, I saw an entire figure right smack dead center!

I got very excited to see this figure and began outlining the shape lightly with pencil. I let it sit for a couple more days and then decided I wanted to paint her black instead of my usual skin tone types. I so happy that I made that choice!

This is the story behind the making of my Abstract African Queen!

Abstract African Queen Painting
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Live Love Laugh Relax Illustration Practice

I so desperately want to learn how to create digital illustrations. I was given an older iPad from one of my sisters. I was so excited because I thought I would be able to learn digital illustration by also learning how to use Procreate!

Unfortunately, my iPad does not support Procreate; however, I was able to find a software (Sketches Pro) that I could learn digital art. This was something I created yesterday from that software. It’s by NO means perfect; it’s wonky and quirky and I actually love it!! lol

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Facebook Art Group Prompt

This prompt was challenging for 2 reasons: 1. I don’t use watercolors that much and lack the skills in using them and 2. It took me out of my comfort zone, which is ultimately good on some many levels.

I was totally not happy with my first on which is the last one here. I drew on a poster board, not realizing I was going to be using a wet medium, which didn’t do too well, of course. So, I ended up trying to do it over again! In fact, I tried 2 more times, and I ended up liking all 3 versions of this week’s prompt.