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Self-Portrait Practice

Although I LOVE drawing whimsical faces/art, I work at purposely stretching myself to attempt drawing ‘realistic’ faces. They are not easy at all; sometimes it’s fun to me and other times it’s the most frustrating experience!

The photo below is a photo of myself a few years ago which is my reference for the above. Clearly, I missed the mark for drawing exactly what I was seeing! LOL

Something happens, almost 100% of the time, when I’m trying to work from a ‘realistic’ photo. I seem to slip off into a flow that I forget about the photo reference and I start doing whatever is flowing through my mind. My drawing comes out totally different from what I started off with and almost always I LOVE the outcome!

I used to get really angry when this happened; however, I realize this is how I flow naturally during my creative process. I find I do so much better when I intuitively create art. I’ve learn to accept this and really enjoy and be thankful for it. It’s uniquely who I am as an emerging artist.

So, even though my self-portrait practice attempt doesn’t look like me, I am pleased with the beauty who wanted to be born and her beautiful smile!

At Peace

As I go through my journey to healing and self-discovery, I’m at peace with who I am BECOMING!

I dedicate to every woman young or old who are actively working on themselves to heal inner wounds/hurts and learning to get to know themselves probably for the first time in their lives. We, as women, often take care of the other people in our lives and often forget that we need to make ourselves a priority too! Self-care is extremely important along with mental health as well.

I encourage my sister friends to get to the place where you too can say, “I’m at peace with who I am BECOMING! LOVE yourself right where you are; don’t wait until…whatever you’re telling yourself before you love YOU! NOW is the time…day-by-day, one step at a time! You are worthy and valuable not matter what challenges you have going on!

I’m cheering you on!

Mystical Magical Mashup Monday

We were given two reference photo for our last mashup for April. You can see the photos below. This is my rendition for the mashup. I took various elements and create this whimsical character. I started off with a scrap piece of paper to try out some of the ideas flowing around in my head and then I traced the final sketch onto my sketchbook. You can see the pencil version of my character below as well. I haven’t given her a name yet.
Reference Photo #1
Reference Photo #2

Whimsical African Queen Coloring Page

Right after I completed first coloring page “Whimsical Afro Girl,” I created this one. I sketched this yesterday and she had an afro but I kept seeing her with a turban on instead. I then decided to add random lines for designs on her turban and was pleased with the outcome. So, I decided to turn this into another coloring page, which I titled Whimsical African Queen Coloring Page. I excited about coloring her too! Lol

Whimsical Afro Girl Coloring Page

I found this sketch in an old sketchbook that I had not completed and decided to complete her. This doodling of the hair came spontaneously; I just started making marks on the afro and liked the way it was looking and so I continued with it.

I’m so happy with how this piece came out so I decided to turn it into a coloring page. As I was looking at the finished drawing, I remembered that I had cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a butterfly and decided to add a couple to complete my Whimsical Afro Girl Coloring Page. I LOVE it and can’t wait to color it in.

Spring Ready

This my 2nd try at using a medium that I had not previously used before. I am figuring out and testing various African American/Black skin tones using Crayola Oil Pastels. This entire portrait is made using Crayola Oil Pastels except the top; I used Prismacolor Color Pencil for that.

This time around, I achieved a much smoother skin tone than the first, which is on this documented on an earlier post, displaying the Crayola Oil Pastel box like the one above. There’s an extremely ugly stage (Lol) that happens prior to getting it to look like it does right now.

I almost gave up working on this portrait because it looked like the blend and combo of colors were not working; however, I just kept on blending and adding more color here and there and the end result is pretty astonishing to me for such an inexpensive product.

They are easy for anyone to use! You don’t have to be an artist to use and the colors are so nice and vibrant too! The biggest problem I experienced while using this product is when it came to laying the colors. It seems using 2-3 colors is the sweet spot; however, if you need to more than 3 layers, it becomes more difficult to blend them together.

Whimsical Queen – Art Prompt Sunday

This is a prompt given every Sunday in a Facebook group I’m in hosted by Jenny Manno of Next JENeration Art. I actually did my Whimsical Queen Art Prompt Sunday on an empty cold cereal box, which was spontaneous and unplanned! I plan doing it over again but this time I want to put her in my sketchbook instead and will be doing her proportions a little larger so I can add more to her face.

April Weekly Art Challenge: Mystical, Magical, Mythical Mashup

Two art Facebook art groups hosts are collaborating for the month of April. We will be presented with 2 photo references and create our own character by mashing the elements together creating some new that is our own. We have also be given the option to add additional references if we choose to do.

The theme or April’s challenge is called “Mystical, Magical, Mythical Mashup!” This is my mashup I did yesterday after seeing the 2 photos posted in the groups or this week mashup challenge. I’ve also included those references in this post.

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