My Original Coloring Pages

These are actually pages from my new and first coloring book of some of sketches turn into coloring pages. I was working from the author’s proof copy and was testing out the paper and some ideas that I had on other ways one could use the coloring pages.

The paper is quite heavy enough to use wet medium, which I used to test just how the pages would hold up; however, I strongly recommend using crayons, coloring pencils, markers, soft pastels, etc. instead of what I did. However, if you’re like me want to test your ideas, then use the wet medium such as acrylic paint and even watercolor, which I used too.

I’ve used colored pencils, watercolor, and acrylic (I used acrylic gesso to prep the page before painting it) on each of these coloring pages above to give you some ideas of what you can do beyond simply coloring with just crayons. You can take the quotes from the book, cut them out and create art journal pages or spreads from. If you don’t want to cut the quotes out, you could make a copy of the quote(s) you want to use and cut them out instead.

Another thing you could do (I haven’t tried it yet) is to help preserve your masterpiece, add some sealant to your page like Mod Podge or a spray on sealant. Finally, you could use a craft knife to cut your art journal masterpiece and put it into a frame if you don’t want to use a sealant to preserve and hang it up in your favorite part of your home! You can get your copy of my new coloring book now on Amazon. Click the link to get your Copy TODAY!

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