Abstract Fashion Girls 2

Abstract Fashion Girls 2

I am teaching myself a little graphic design using a free online tool called Pixlr at www.pixlr.com so I can be able to color my abstract fashion girls and other artwork.

The above is my own drawing and what I do is back a transparent background of my drawing on Pixlr or my on my MacBook Pro. I upload the drawing to Pixlr if I used my laptop.

I then basically just color in the image the colors that I want. There’s so much I don’t know. For instance, I’m not sure how to use the layering tool so I than can clean up the outline of the drawing; it look pretty bad.

Even though this image of my original drawing is not that good, I am having so much fun learning and what I have achieved so far! It’s such an amazing feeling to see my abstract fashion girls come to life once the colors are added.

I plan to work hard at learning how to color my own drawings using this and other platforms; when I get really good at it, I plan to create a course and teach others!

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