Making Abstract African Queen Painting

I LOVE abstract art! Why? I love because I end up seeing things that you can see initially! That this background that I created last week for instance. When I first created this background I was doing it intuitively…I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it.

There was no ‘real’ reason I chose the colors that I did either! The following day, I across it while flipping through my art journal, and as soon as my eyes made contact with the page, I saw an entire figure right smack dead center!

I got very excited to see this figure and began outlining the shape lightly with pencil. I let it sit for a couple more days and then decided I wanted to paint her black instead of my usual skin tone types. I so happy that I made that choice!

This is the story behind the making of my Abstract African Queen!

Abstract African Queen Painting
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