How to Make A Simple Abstract Painting

This is my attempt to at recording my first DIY craft video. (Don’t judge me too harshly-LOL). Of course, I had so difficulties because I was also learning how to use my cell phone video device, which I never use.

Part 1:

  1. Canvas (Recommend 8×10 or 9×12 for beginner)
  2. Acrylic paints (Use your favorite colors)
  3. Tape (masking tape, artist tape,  or Washi tape)
  4. Paint brushes and/or sponge brushes
  5. Paper plate or Color Palette
  6. Plastic or an old towel to protect your working surface
  7. Water to clean your brushes

Step 1:  is to design your pattern by using your tape and laying it out in a pattern of  your choice.

Make sure the tape is complete touching the canvas and there’s no spaces underneath to prevent other colors from bleeding into other spaces.

Step 2: take your brush and begin applying your colors to each of the spaces you create with the tape.

Watch the short video #2 below to follow me as I work on mine. You can also see the finished project below the second video.

Part 2: Here’s my continuation of my DIY craft project “How to a Simple Abstract Painting” video making my abstract art piece. 

After applying all your colors, allow the paint to completely dry and then carefully remove the tape strips from your canvas. You now have learn to make a simple abstract painting!

I would LOVE to see your finish project so please upload to the comments.

This project can be done with your family as a family night activity. You can also get younger children involved by guiding on applying the tape to their canvas (you can buy the mini one for the younger ones).  

Let them use the sponge brushes instead of the regular paint brushes. The older kids can use both type brushes and the recommended canvas size for this project. The added benefit: It’s relaxing and helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Step One: Arrange your tape in a pattern that you like onto your canvas (8×10 or 9×12). I am using a 9×12 canvas panel, which is flat and can go into a regular picture frame.

Here’s my finished abstract project! Yours should look something like this after removing all the pieces of tape. Your design pattern, of course, will look different from mine! As a added touch, I decided to add some splashes of paint as a finishing touch.

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