Brighter Days Ahead

I’m so looking forward to the days ahead because I truly believe GOD has great plans to prosper the works of my hands through ALL my artistic/creative gifts and talents! Others will and are blessed by my work! There’s NOTHING more fulfilling for me than to show the glory of God (my Creator) through ALL the gifts and talents and creativity He has bestowed up me; and I’m eternally grateful for each one of them! I’m looking forward to brighter days ahead! What you?

I Am Becoming

I just finished this project. My inspiration is from a photo I found on Unsplash, a royalty free photo site online in the comments.
The caption just kinda bubbled up out of me and captures a personal journey that I’ve going through for some time now.
I feel led to say this…NEVER EVER feel ashamed of your emotional and self-esteem challenges. Be willing to do the personal work necessary and if that means seeking a professional counselor, then do so! I highly recommend it.
I had to do for myself because I couldn’t handle the pain any longer on my own. Those couple of months helped me a lot. I decided I didn’t need it anymore…for now anyway!
Going through new transitions in life after 60 and old stuff that’s unresolved can take a toll emotionally. Understand that part of self-care is also taking care of your mental health, which a lot of people neglect, which ultimately leads to deep depression oftentimes leading to suicidal thoughts.
Pay attention to the people around you and let people know that you love them and care about them especially the older people in your life.
I don’t know who this word is for; I had NO intention on writing this; however, when I get the leading to share something, I follow it. It’s how God works through me!

Facebook Art Group Prompt

This prompt was challenging for 2 reasons: 1. I don’t use watercolors that much and lack the skills in using them and 2. It took me out of my comfort zone, which is ultimately good on some many levels.

I was totally not happy with my first on which is the last one here. I drew on a poster board, not realizing I was going to be using a wet medium, which didn’t do too well, of course. So, I ended up trying to do it over again! In fact, I tried 2 more times, and I ended up liking all 3 versions of this week’s prompt.

Loving Myself As Is!

I drew this a couple of days ago on 11×14 poster board and colored pencils and Sharpie.
I’m still, every now and then, when I remember, to try coloring my girls and adding hair to them in Pixlr photo editing software online.
I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing (LOL); however, I’m having FUN learning how to do it. Along with comes great frustration too! Lol
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