Whimsical Fashion Illustration

Back in my younger years, I used to want to be a fashion designer and even started a school, but I ended up dropping out!

I don’t want to be that anymore; however, I just still LOVE fashion illustration. So, I decided I’m going to dedicated some real time to learn how to become better at drawing them.

I tried doing another one after doing our guest prompt last week. I just didn’t know how to go about drawing the angle of her hand with her thumb hanging out of the pocket, and I didn’t know how draw the belt at all. LOL

This is my whimsical version of the reference photo above I torn out of a magazine. Totally 100% FUN!!!

Sketch – I Am Becoming

I did this sketch about a week ago. After finishing it and kinda staring at it, the following words came into my mind “I’m at peace with who I am becoming!

Those words definitely resonated with me since I’ve been on a personal emotional healing journey where I’m finally learning how to LOVE and ACCEPT my SELF, along with the good, bad, and the ugly sides of me.

I learning how to become more aware of the stories (lies) that I’ve been telling myself and still tell myself and changing and interrupting those thoughts with words of truth.

God is helping me to heal and get out of my own way! I’m truly enjoying the FREEDOM of just enjoying who I really am and who I am becoming.

Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait

I was going through some of my earlier drawings and found this beauty I had drawn in 2017. At that time, I had no idea you could color portraits using colored pencils and I’d never heard about Prismacolor Color Pencils before either.

I’ve learn so, so much since 2017 and have grown by leaps and bounds! I decided to try my knowledge gained so far and color her with color pencil. I still have a long ways to go and still get confused on the whole layering thing.

I honestly just intuitively pick out colors and blend them. I started coloring yesterday and kinda gave up because it was looking really hopeless (the ugly stage as Karen calls it). I kinda through aside and told myself maybe I revisit it today.

This morning I kept working at it and for me it was WOW! Perfect? Nope! Am I happy with her? Oh, yeah, Baby!!! ?

I took a few process photos when I remembered to.

Color Pencil Portrait

I decided to draw a color pencil portrait using Prismacolor Color Pencils and watercolor. Unfortunately, I used a cheap so-called sketchbook I bought from Walgreens. Although the cover stated it’s a sketchbook, it really is nothing more than copy paper bound with coil!

It did not do well, of course, with watercolor and the paper started to wrinkle and I totally disliked the way the color pencil lay on the paper and the blending was not that great either. However, I still like the way she came out and it was good practice anyway! Lol

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